It's been a hectic few months at work, it's been hectic in my personal life and my vitamin D is still extremely low, which isn't helping matters one bit!
So, all in all, it's not too surprising that when things slowed down at work a few weeks ago and we were somewhat getting back into our groove in our family, the sh*t hit the proverbial fan. It's like when people get migraines in the weekend or suffer a heart attack during their vacation because their bodies get to wind down from the day-to-day stress.

The good thing is that I didn't get above-mentioned heart attack. The bad thing is that I sort of experienced a mental breakdown remeniscent of my burnout 5 years ago.
Work I could have handled. The deaths of my grandparents as well. Even coping with the effects of my vitamin deficiency would not have been a problem. Just not all AT THE SAME TIME!

So I'm taking a short break, as per doctor's orders. I took a few days off work and will start working half days next week. I took an (already planned) trip to the island of Texel this past week to empty my mind and relax.

It worked. I'm already starting to feel better.
I'm not quite there yet but I think I stepped on the break in time before I got to the point of no return.

One of the benefits of a burnout? At least you recognize the signs the next time, before things get too much out of hand...