I've struggled with vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiency for a few years now, and I've found that some medical professionals do not take it as seriously as they should.
I am a strong believer that knowledge = power, which is why I've composed a list of links with useful information on the subject.

- B12-deficiency on Wikipedia (ENG)
- B12-tekort (NL)
- vitamin B-12 deficiency
- Vitamin D on Wikipedia (ENG)
- Vitamin D on Wikipedia (NL)
- the dangers of vitamin D-deficiency
- New England Journal of Medicine on vitamin D-deficiency
- De Vitamine D tekort 'epidemie'(NL)
- info on the relationship between vitamin B12 and -D deficiency (NL)

In 2010 I got a scare when my dermatologist found a suspicious spot on my skin. Thankfully it was 'only' a BCC - Basal Cell Carcinoma - which is easily treatable.
Here are some links on BCC's:

- BCC on Wikipedia (ENG)
- BCC on Wikipedia (NL)
- Basaalcelcarcinoom (NL)
- Basaalcelcarcinoom (NL)

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