Off to China!

Last day of work today, I'm off to China next week - FINALLY! :-D



Excuse me while I am a bit star struck: these past few days 3 of the Ella Bootcamp instructors (and internationally known scrapbookers/stampers) left comments on some of my posts.

Nichol Magouirk, Wendy Smedley and Lisa Dickinson, thank you for your kind words!
(and all of you other commenters too of course!!)


the MotherLOAD - Day 26 | The Final Day!

YESSSS! I did it!
I completed 26 scrapbook pages in 26 days - I'm pooped! ;-)

Today's prompt was to make a page using your own unique style that you've identified over the course of the MotherLOAD.

Here's my page:

So why is this page typically me?
- I used a neutral cardstock base.
- I used multiple photos.
- I used a very clean, linear design.
- I used small doses of patterned paper.
- I hand-journaled.
- I used minimal embellishments (only alpha stickers for the title).
- I used an A4 format.

Can I just say that I totally love how this LO turned out?? And I didn't even use a sketch!


the MotherLOAD - Day 25

Today's prompt was to scraplift a page you made earlier this month.

I already 'recycled' several pages during this LOAD, with all the redo's I did and also with my car pages.
However, here's another take on the sketch from day 11:

A field of beautiful purple heather behind the Texel dunes.

BTW, only one more day of LOAD to go! Woohoo!


the MotherLOAD - Day 24

Today's prompt: be inspired by music and use a song title or lyrics on your page.

Here's my LO:

I made a page about a visit to a Build-a-Bear store and used lyrics from an Elvis song.


the MotherLOAD - Day 23

Today's challenge: use numbers.

I had considered a page about my tattoos for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity to go ahead an do it.


the MotherLOAD - Day 22

Today's challenge was to scrapbook an ending, in the broadest meaning of the word.
It could be the ending of a book or film, of a friendschip, or a certain stage in life...

I scrapbooked photos of my different graduation ceremonies (secondary school, American highschool (as exchange student), vocational school and college), the 'endings' within my school career so to speak.


the MotherLOAD - Day 21 | Ella's Bootcamp - Day 3

Today's ML challenge was another 'blast from the past' - using a shaped photo, which was very hip and happening in the early days of modern scrapbooking (now not so much, haha)

I made a page about last year's World Cup Soccer, which caused severe Orange fever at work ;-)

Incidentally, one of today's 'drills' at Ella's Bootcamp focused on using grids when designing a page.
Though I based this LO on a Pagemaps sketch, it also incorporates a grid.


the MotherLOAD - Day 20 | Ella's Bootcamp Day 2

Today's ML challenge was to scrapbook an emotion.
I made a page about something that evokes an emotion instead: my grandparents' copy of the Mona Lisa that I inherited. Here's the page:

The story behind it: for as long as I can remember, my grandparents had a copy of the Mona Lisa in their hallway. When I was little, my uncle told me that HE had painted it. I believed this well into my teens until one day I was introduced to the works of Leonardo DaVinci... Whenever I look at the painting (that now hangs in my living room) it always makes me smile ;-)

At Ella's Bootcamp, one of the so-called 'drills' today was about making your own patterned paper using stamps. So I broke out some stamps, and went to work. All 3 colours patterned paper are hand-stamped.
I also tried to pay attention to the 2nd drill from day 1 about combining different patterned papers. I used a bold print (dark brown paper), a text-print (mustard paper) and a more subtle print (rust paper).


the MotherLOAD - Day 19 | Ella's Bootcamp - Day 1

Today's ML-challenge was to NOT scrapbook chronologically. Since I've abandoned that idea several years ago and already scrap whatever I want whenever I feel like it, this wasn't too difficult for me.

Today was also the first day of Ella's Bootcamp. The first topic was grammar-free journaling, and the ideas included using a pie-chart (for 1 person) or a comparison chart (for more people) to document their routines, quirks etc.

I decided to combine these 2 promps and make a comparison chart of my guinea girls:

(the top photo is their group portrait, and the bottom photos are their 'baby pictures')


the MotherLOAD - Day 18

We're 2/3rds on the way - woohoo!

Today's challenge was to use this colour scheme:

These colours screamed 'Autumn' to me, so I dug up some old photos that I took several years ago of the Fall colours in a local park. Here's my page:


the MotherLOAD - Day 17

Today's challenge was to use one of your snack bags (which I didn't make - remember?). Other than that, you were free to do as you pleased.

Inspired by yesterday's LO about my OLD car, I decided to make a similar page about my NEW car:


the MotherLOAD - Day 16

Today's challenge was to break the unwritten scrapbooking law from the old days that you could only use the a photo once, and to go ahead and use a photo that you'd used before.

I already fulfilled this challenge multiple times during these past 2 weeks having done 4 redo's so far and I had also already used my grandparents' photo from yesterday's LO before.

Since I got a new car today (woohoo!), I decided to redo an old 12x12 page about my previous (and first) car in A4 format:


the MotherLOAD - Day 15

Today's challenge was to scrapbook a tough topic.
Given the last few months, inspiration for this one came easy (I basically made a page mimicking this blog post...)


the MotherLOAD - Day 14

Today's challenge was to use stamps on a layout. Not too much of a challenge to me personally, since I often use stamps on a scrapbooking page (even if it's only to stamp some journaling lines so I'll write straight...)

Here's what I did:

As you've probably been able to tell by now, I do a lot of travel pages... This one is about our January trip to Egypt. The sphinx-stamp and journaling stamp are both from Art Impressions.


the MotherLOAD - Day 13

Woohoo - we're halfway there!!

Today's challenge was to make a page about a ritual that you have.
I decided to do a page about our seal spotting trip at Texel last month instead:


the MotherLOAD - Day 12

Today we were challenged to use (and I'm paraphrasing here) a crappy photo, because sometimes you want to tell the story even though the photos did not come out as well as you had hoped.

Here's what I did:

The photos in this LO were taken with 3 different devices: 2 photo cameras and a video camera. I used 2 stills (top right and bottom left) from a video my mom shot of the camel ride, and the quality of those is especially bad due to the conversion from film to image...


the MotherLOAD - Day 11

Today we were challenged to use this sketch that was provided in the daily email:

Here's my page (I stayed pretty close to the original sketch):

Some participants chose to do a page in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I comtemplated doing that as well, but in the end decided to go with a lighter topic...


the MotherLOAD - Day 10

Today's challenge was to use another of those snack bags that we were supposed to compile during basic training, which I didn't do. So I did my own thing and finished a page that I had already started some time ago about my trip to Nepal in 2007.


the MotherLOAD - Day 9

Today's prompt was to use the leftover scraps from your previous layouts.
However, I was feeling so frustrated about my health problems that I made a page about that instead:

I blurred the journaling for this post because it's very personal, but I wanted to show it anyway because I really like how it turned out despite its simplicity, especially the photo (love photoshop actions!).


the MotherLOAD - Day 8

Today's challenge was to scrap about your needs. I took the easy way out and scraplifted the example page ;-) Here's my LO:

I can't live without the internet (or I'll suffer from fanfiction withdrawel...), reading material (be it books, my ereader or magazines) and, of course, my girls!


the MotherLOAD - Day 7

Today's challenge was to reinvent old scrapbooking techniques & trends such as themed papers and cut out photos.
I chose to NOT follow the prompt again and did another remake of an old 8,5x11" page:


the MotherLOAD - Day 6

Today's challenge was to use a self-portrait, since scrapbookers tend to spend a lot of time behind the camera and not so much in front of the lense...
I used some pictures that were taken a few weeks ago and made this page:

It's about me having lost approx. 20 lbs since the beginning of the year and being on the right track weight-loss-wise (even though I am not entirely there yet).


the MotherLOAD - Day 5

Today's challenge was to break some of the (self-imposed) scrapbooking rules, like using another format, supplies or techniques than you're used to.
I broke the rules by not following the prompt (haha) and redid another old LO. This used to be a double 8,5x11" which I converted to a double A4 spread:

{BTW, I can highly recommend going on a whalewatch tour when you are in the Boston area, it was AWESOME!}


the MotherLOAD - Day 4

Today's challenge was to make a LO using only the bare minimum of supplies. Since I was on a roll converting old LOs, I did another one. This one used to be 8,5x11" and I redid it as an A4 as well (just like yesterday's).
Coincidentally, it didn't need a lot of 'stuff': just some patterned paper & plain cardstock, alpha stickers, inked edges and stamped journaling block with handwritten journaling.
The original had a typed title and journaling, but I couldn't find the old file on my PC and couldn't be bothered to retype it ;-)


the MotherLOAD - Day 3

During the first 9 weeks of basic training, one of the assignments was to make 4 'snack bags' containing different embellishments and today's challenge was to use one of those snack bags.
Since I didn't do any of the basic training assignments, I didn't have any snack bags prepared and I therefore chose to forego today's challenge.

For some time I've been thinking of converting some old LOs into A4-format, so I redid an old 12x12 LO that I made for an online class a few years ago in order to put it in my binder with all my other travel LOs:


the MotherLOAD - Day 2

Today's prompt was to make a lay-out about something that made you laugh recently. I used a conversation I had with my colleagues, in which I made a crude comment that shocked them somewhat... ;-)

{I actually gave this some thought: the patterned paper symbolizes my quick wit (haha) and the brown symbolizes my potty mouth ;-) }


Busy day

I had a busy day today, running from one medical professional to another...
First, I had an appointment with my GP to talk about my burnout-symptoms. Then I went to have my blood tested for my vitamin- and cholesterol levels (the results will be in on Monday). And finally I had an appointment at the dermatologist to have some blemishes removed (fortunately I came up clean a few months ago when I went for my BCC check-up).

I'm exhausted!

the MotherLOAD

Big Picture Classes

9 weeks ago the MotherLOAD class started at Big Picture Classes. The class consists of 9 weeks 'basic training' and a layout-a-day scrapmarathon from September 1-26.
While I did not actively participate in those 9 weeks basic training, I do plan to do another layout-a-day for the last part of the class, like I did last May.

Today is the first day of the scrapmarathon and the prompt was to scrap a goal.
I decided to make some sort of checklist of the things I need to do before travelling to China next month: