the MotherLOAD - Day 20 | Ella's Bootcamp Day 2

Today's ML challenge was to scrapbook an emotion.
I made a page about something that evokes an emotion instead: my grandparents' copy of the Mona Lisa that I inherited. Here's the page:

The story behind it: for as long as I can remember, my grandparents had a copy of the Mona Lisa in their hallway. When I was little, my uncle told me that HE had painted it. I believed this well into my teens until one day I was introduced to the works of Leonardo DaVinci... Whenever I look at the painting (that now hangs in my living room) it always makes me smile ;-)

At Ella's Bootcamp, one of the so-called 'drills' today was about making your own patterned paper using stamps. So I broke out some stamps, and went to work. All 3 colours patterned paper are hand-stamped.
I also tried to pay attention to the 2nd drill from day 1 about combining different patterned papers. I used a bold print (dark brown paper), a text-print (mustard paper) and a more subtle print (rust paper).


Lisa M. Zepponi said...

Oh wow I didn't realize your PP was hand stamped when I saw your LO in MLOAD! Wonderful job!!

Nichol Magouirk said...

LOVE your stamped paper. Gorgeous. And gorgeous layout!

wendy smedley said...

love the stamped backgrounds! and the story behind your layout.

Lisa Dickinson said...

such great work here! i love this page and the background story...and the patterns/colors you chose are just perfect for the photo! :)