Life List

Inspired by blogger Jenny Meyerson, I decided to make my own Life List (a.k.a. bucket list).

Though I, thankfully, have never had to battle a terminal illness, I did experience some events in recent years that have changed my outlook on life.
In short: Life is too short, you should seize the day and have no regrets!

This is a list of items I have done, would like to do in the (near) future or dream about.
Some items I have managed to cross off already, some items are very high up on my wish list and some will always remain a dream (and that's OK!)
It is nowhere near complete and will grow over time.

Visit the World Wonders:
Chitchen Itza, Mexico
Colosseum, Italy (2006)
Cristo Redendor , Brazil (I visited its copy, Cristo Rei in Lisbon, in 2004 – does that count??)
Machu Pichu, Peru
Petra, Jordan (2007)
Taj Mahal, India (2007)
The Great Wall, China (2011)
The Piramids at Gizeh, Egypt (the only remaining ancient World Wonder) (2011)

London (1991, 2001, 2009, 2012)/Manchester (2006)/Liverpool
Paris (1992, 1998, 2005 (3x), 2010, 2013)
Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice (2006)/Naples
Barcelona (2002)/Madrid
Istanbul (2011)
NYC (1993, 1999, 2008)
Memphis, TN (1994)/ New Orléans (2012)
San Fransico/Las Vegas (2012)
Washington DC/Philadelphia/Boston (2008)
Cairo/Luxor/Aswan (2011)
Moskou/St Peterburg
Beijing/Shanghai/Xi’an/HK (2011)
Jeruzalem/Bethlehem (2012)
New Delhi/Jaipur/Agra/Varanasi/Khajuraho (2007)
Lisbon/Sintra/Cascais/Estoril (2004)
Prague (2006)
Kathmandu/Bhaktapur (2007)
Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka/Hiroshima (2013)

Waddeneilanden (Texel 2010, 2011)
Route Napoleon, Corsica, Elba, St. Helena
Greek Isles (Crete, 2000) + mainland
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Japan (2013)
Israel (2012)
South Africa

Continents visited so far
North America

Amusement parks & zoos
Disneyland Paris (1992, 2002)
Disneyland Orlando (1993)
Universal Studios Orlando (1993)
Washington Zoo (2008)
Diergaarde Blijdorp (too often to count…)
Burger’s Zoo (200?)
Apenheul (198?)
Ouwehands Dierenpark, Rhenen (2012)
Beekse Bergen (2010)
Dolfinarium Harderwijk (2010)
Artis (2009)
Zoo Antwerpen (2009)
Barcelona Zoo (2002)
Barcelona Aquarium (2002)
Lisbon Aquarium (2004)
Shanghai Aquarium (2011)
Osaka Aquarium (2013)
Ueno Zoo, Tokyo (2013)
Panda Breeding Centre, Chengdu
Walibi Flevo/Six Flags Flevo (2003)
Efteling (numerous times)
Duinrell (numerous times)

Hard Rock Cafes visited so far
Paris, 2010, 2013
London, 2000, 2012
Lisbon, 2004
Rome, 2006
NYC, 1999
Beijing, 2011
Hong Kong, 2011
Boston, 2008
Niagara Falls (Canada), 2008
San Francisco (2012)
Las Vegas (2012)
New Orleans (2012)
Memphis, TN (2012)
Brussels (2012)
Osaka (2013)
Tokyo (2013)
Tokyo Ueno (2013)
Amsterdam (2013)

Ride an elephant (Nepal, 2007)
Ride a donkey (Jordan, 2007)
Ride a camel (Egypt, 2011)
Go bungee jumping
Go sky-diving
Fly in a hot air balloon
Eat Fugu in Japan (2013)
Hold a snake (boa constrictor, 2005)
Take the Shinkansen bullet train in Japan (2013)
Take the Maglev-train in Shanghai
Take the Thalys high-speed train to Paris (1998, 2005 (3x), 2010)
Helicopter flight over NYC (1999)
Helicopter flight over Grand Canyon (2012)
Take a tour with Spido (2010)
Cable car to Giant Buddha (HK, 2011)
Sail on the IJsselmeer (2006)
Sail on the Nile on a felucca (2011)
Go dog sledding in Lapland
Sleep in the Ice Hotel/igloo (Lapland)
Go car racing on a race track
Go to a NFL/NBA/MLB game
Attend an Olympic event
Attend an EC or WC football/soccer game

View a solar eclipse (Luxemburg, 1999)
View Aurora Borealis
Grand Canyon (2012)
Bryce Canyon (2012)
Niagara Falls (2008)
Karst mountains, China (2011)
Go whale watching (humpback whales, Boston, 2008)
Go seal watching (Texel, 2011)
Swim with dolphins (well, paddling at least... Israel 2012)
Go white shark watching (South Africa)
Go Orca-watching (Alaska)
Go on safari in Africa and spot the Big Five
Visit gorillas in Uganda
Visit Orang Utans at Sumatra and/or Borneo
Victoria Waterfalls
Visit NgoroNgoro crater in Tanzania
Take a boat trip on Kerala Backwaters, India
Climb Mt. Vesuvius
View the Himalayas (Nepal, 2007)
Visit Ayers Rock, Australia
Dive in Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Go diving/snorkling in the Red Sea
Float in the Dead Sea (Jordan, 2007/Israel, 2012)
National Parks of Costa Rica
Visit the caves of Capadocia, Turkey
Visit Spring/cherry blossoms in Japan (2013)
Visit pandas in China
Go above the polar circle during Summer solstice

The Arts/Culture
Madonna concert (Blonde Ambition, ca. 1990)
Michael Jackson concert (Dangerous, ca. 1992)
U2 concert (Zoo TV, 1993; Vertigo, 2005)
Take That concert (ca. 1995)
Doe Maar concert (2000)
Rolling Stones concert
Visit the opera (Carmen, 200?)
Visit all 3 of Tsjaikovski’s ballets (Swan Lake 200?/Nutcracker 2011/Sleeping Beauty 2012)
Attend a Shakespearean play at the Globe
Attend a Shakespearean play (A Midsummer Night's Dream, 200?)
Starlight Express (musical, ca. 1991)
Aïda (musical, 200?)
Lion King (musical, 200?)
Belle & the Beast (musical, 200?)
Hairspray (musical, 200?)
Visit the 3 largest costume collections (Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, 1999/Louvre, Paris, 1995/V&A, London, 2000 + 2009)
Mucha Museum, Prague (2006)
British Museum, London (1991, 2009)
Picasso at Boymans van Beuningen (200?)
Mucha at Kunsthal (200?)
Louvre, Paris (1995, 2005, 2010)
Prado, Madrid
Centre Pompidou, Paris (2013)
Musée D’Orsay / l´Orangerie, Paris (2013)
Museum of Natural History, NYC (1999)
Rijksmuseum (several times)
Van Gogh Museum (ca. 1992)
Natuurmuseum Rotterdam (2011)
Naturalis Leiden (2011)
Wereldmuseum Rotterdam (2011)
Horta Museum, Brussels (2000)
Bijbels Openluchtmuseum (200?)
Openluchtmuseum Arnhem
Drents Museum, Assen (2009)
Kamp Westerbork (2009)
Hunebedden in Drenthe (1993, 2009)
Uffizi, Florence
Duomo, Palazzo Pitti, Ponte Vecchio (Florence,2006)
St Peter’s, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel (Rome, 2006)
San Marco Square, Doge Palace, Canal Grande (Venice, 2006)
Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Colosseum, Forum Romanum (Rome, 2006)
Campo dei Miracoli, leaning tower of Pisa (2006)
Visit Pompeii and/or Herculaneum, Italy
Visit Efeze (Turkey, 2010)
Visit Knossos (Greece, 2000)
Visit the Alhambra (Spain, 2001)
Cremations in Varanasi, India/Pashupatinath, Nepal (2007)
Visit the Moai at Easter Island
Malmaison (Paris, 1998, 2010)
Fontainebleau (1998)
Versailles (1995, 2010)
Graceland (Memphis, 1994, 2012)
Visit Ground Zero, NYC (2008)
Egyptian Museum, Cairo (2011)
Abu Simbel/Kom Ombo/Valley of the Kings/Luxor (2011)
Follow the Maya route (Mexico/Guatamala/Belize)
Follow the Inca trail (Peru)
Schönbrun, Vienna
The Tower, London (1991, 2000, 2009)
Angkor Wat / Killing Fields, Cambodja
Cu Chi tunnels, Vietnam
Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum), Jerusalem (2012)

Learn how to play drums (2006-2010)
Learn how to play bass (2010-2011)
Learn Mandarin (2008-2010)
Learn Japanese
Learn Spanish (1993-1994, ca. 2002)
Learn photo-editing in Photoshop
Learn how to take great photos
Take flying lessons and fly a plane

Make a quilt
Crochet a throw
Sew my own wedding gown

Grow out my hair (2004-2008)
Get dreadlocks (2006)
Lose enough weight to have a healthy BMI (2002)
Get a tattoo (2004/2005/2010 - 2x)
Get piercings (ears 1980/1989/1992; nose 2007)
Take yoga lessons (2005-2006)
Take boxing lessons (2011)

Holidays & Traditions
Celebrate New Year’s at the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Family & Friends
Meet & marry the man of my dreams
Have children (my own and/or adopted)

People I'd like to meet
Princess Beatrix / King Willem Alexander / Queen Maxima
Oprah Winfrey
Dalai Lama
Nelson Mandela
Robert Pattinson {swoon} ;-)
Ali Edwards (2006)
Tim Holtz (ca. 2006)
Cathy Zielske

Things I want to own
A house (2009)
A car (Suzuki Alto, 2005/Kia Picanto, 2011)
Kitchen Aid mixer (2011)
A tablet computer
A smart-phone (Samsung Galaxy S, 2011/Samsung Galaxy S4, 2013)

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