Fan Fiction

Read the Twilight Saga 4 times already and want MORE (like me)? Memorized all Harry Potter books & movies? Is your copy of Lord of the Rings falling apart - again? Can't wait for the next season of True Blood or Dexter?

The answer, my friend, is not blowing in the wind*, but fan fiction!

Thousands of (amateur) authors have put their writing skills to use to let YOU read their stories about everyone's favorite characters - for free! A word of warning: it can be very addictive...
(Here´s some fun trivia for you: you know that Fifty Shades Trilogy that´s been taking the world by storm lately? It started out as Master of the Universe, a Twilight fanfic!)

Fan fiction about pretty much every book, tv-show or movie can be found here.
Another multi-fandom fanfic site can be found here.
I'm into Twilight-fanfiction myself, which can be found here, here and here.

Some personal Twilight fanfic favorites:
Bella Swan:Kidnapper

More links to recommended Twilight stories can be found here.

Upon your first foray into fan fiction, you may encounter some unfamiliar terminology:
Canon: not differing from the "official" source material upon which fan fiction is based.
AU: alternate universe, means the world (universe) is different.
AR: alternate reality, the world is the same, but some basic (or most) canon facts are different.
AT: alternate timeline, takes place in another time than the canon, or is changing the time line itself.
AH: all-human, based on original stories which have supernatural beings, but the characters are portrayed as human.
Slash/fem-slash: same-sex pairings.
One shot (O/S): a fanfic that consists of only one chapter.
Crossover: stories that incorporate two or more different sources.
Fluff: feel good story, lighthearted, no angst
Smut: primarily about sex without a clear plot
Crack fic: humorous, parody, surprising plot twists
Angst: containing depressing themes
Lemon: containing explicit sex
Lime: sexual themes, but not necessarily explicit
Citrusy: containing lemons and/or limes
A/N: author’s note
Beta: someone whose responsibilities are roughly those of a professional editor to a commercial author
OOC: out of character, characters that do not act the same as in the original story.
POV: point of view
R&R: read and review

More info available on Wikipedia.

*Blowing in the Wind - Bob Dylan