It's 2011! (a.k.a. 2010 in review)

2010 was a hectic year to say the least. What happened, you ask??

- I started taking bass guitar lessons.
- I passed the CDCS exam.
- I got a new cavy, Amber.
- I survived another reorganisation at work. The 4th one in my 8 years of employment...
- I gained a lot of new colleagues when my department merged with another department.
- Our department moved to another building.
- I was diagnosed with and treated for skin cancer (thankfully I gave into my vanity and went to the dermatologist to have some spots removed or I would never have known!)
- My grandfather's lung cancer came back. Unfortunately he cannot be treated.
- I visited Turkey and Texel for the 1st time.
- I visited Beekse Bergen, Dolfinarium Harderwijk and Palace 't Loo for 1st time.
- I went for a trip on the Spido for the 1st time.
- I went to Paris - again.
- It snowed on my birthday! I cannot recall a time that happened before.
- I started a recipe blog.
- One of my cousins became a father and one of my girlfriends had a 2nd daughter.
- I met a lot of my mother's extended family at a family reunion.
- My trip to Egypt was cancelled and rescheduled to 2011 (next week actually!)
- I attended Red Hair Day this Summer.

Phew, I'm exhausted!

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