LOAD Day 21

Wow, 3 weeks in and still going strong! Who would have thought...

Anyways, this was today's challenge: pick a trend that is popular today and try to use it in a way that fits your style, feels natural, and also won’t look absolutely ridiculous in five or ten years.

Bonus challenge: show one of your embarrassing past scrapbook pages that makes yo u contemplate "What was I thinking??"

I'd like to think my style is pretty timeless and I don't get 'sucked in' often by temporary trends.

Here's today's LO:

I don't think this LO is very trendy, but I don't think it will look dated in a few years either. Materials and techniques that could be considered trendy: craft cardstock, (faux) stitching, rubber stamping.

And here's my 'past embarrassment': 

I actually don't think it's too bad, although you can tell it was made several years ago when Coluzzle templates were all the rage...

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