LOAD Day 25

Today's challenge: think of a “telling detail” you can share on your scrapbook page.

My page:

I made a page about my unexpected musicality. I've wanted to take music lessons for a long time (I sometimes wish my parents would have encouraged playing an intrument when I was younger), and finally decided to go for it a few years ago and take drumming lessons. I decided to switch to bass guitar after 3 years, since that's also fascinated me for ages.
I'm not very good at either, but that's mainly because I lack the discipline to practice. According to my teachers I could actually be quite good if I put the energy into it. But due to my MANY hobbies and there only being 24hrs in a day, it's just a bit of dabbling for now. Nonetheless, it's another thing I've been able to mark off my 'bucket list' :-)

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